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Dynamic Driving School offers driving lessons across Hounslow. We also give driving lessons in Isleworth, Ashford, Feltham, Heston and Osterley.

At Dynamic Driving School our aim is to teach you how to drive safely in today's road conditions. Our driving instructors are fully qualified and approved by the Driving Standards Agency.

We will make sure your driving lessons are comfortable and enjoyable to ensure maximum learning. You will be guided step by step giving you all the skills and knowledge to pass your practical driving test.

All driving lessons are on a 1-2-1 basis in well-presented air conditioned cars. Our driving instructors are all local to Hounslow, hence know the area well. Our driving school uses both Manual and Automatic cars.

All driving lessons are monitored by our state of the art progress report books. From the controls lesson to those complex roundabouts, a structured lesson plan will be created to suit your needs.

At Dynamic Driving School we understand that getting in the hot seat can be a daunting experience, but don't worry, we will start your driving lessons in quiet areas where you can build up your confidence and work your way up

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Pupil Testimonials

Jul 2018 | Dynamic Driving School Hounslow

Meenakshi, Hounslow

Mitesh is a very patient and friendly instructor and I have learned a lot from his easy ways of teaching.

He was very calm throughout all the lessons and professional.

Iím glad I chose Dynamic Driving after having a difficult time with previous instructors! All the tips, references and guidance was very helpful!

I would highly recommend Mitesh as a driving instructor for any beginners/refresher lessons!

Feb 2018 | Dynamic Driving School Hounslow

From: Ella

Mitesh is the best instructor ever! Very calm, patient and supportive.

He made me feel safe when I get rattled everytime I made a mistake. He always says something positive when I start to doubt myself.

And I thank him for helping me pass my practical driving test first time with only three faults! :)

Apr 2017 | Dynamic Driving School Hounslow

From: Macwil, Hounslow

I passed my driving test on 12 April. All thanks to Mitesh. He gave me excellent training in driving.

When I had inquired about the lessons online, he responded to me within no time and arranged classes for me within a week. Initially I was little worried to drive but gained lots of confidence with him.

I must say he is very helpful and cool guy with lots of knowledge and ability to train calmly - he was very punctual as well.

I highly recommend Mitesh from dynamic driving, as he is brilliant for first time drivers and people who have already had experience, or need extra lessons after their test.

Feb 2017 | Dynamic Driving School Hounslow

From: Yixing, Hounslow

I found Dynamic Driving online last year, Mitesh got in touch with me as soon as I sent the enquiry online, and arranged the lessons for me.

Dynamic Driving providing study report to monitor my progress which was great. I was very nervous with driving from day one, but Mitesh has always been supportive and patient throughout each lesson. He help me clearly understand each manoeuvre and building up my confidence.

Mitesh also help me with mock test before my practical, work me through the areas which i needed improvement.

Thank you so much for everything!

Jan 2017 | Dynamic Driving School Hounslow

From: Devina, Hounslow

I passed my driving test first time after 4 months of practising on 11/1/17!!

Mitesh is a friendly, helpful and patient instructor. He uses progress books to ensure you continue to improve every lesson, and they provide a strong sense of achievement after each lesson leading up to the test.

He teaches you all the skills needed to pass the exam and the clear techniques to perform the manoeuvres. His car is easy to drive and he is always on time for lessons.


May 2016 | Dynamic Driving School Hounslow

From: Madhavi, Hounslow

I finally got my driving license. This is my second attempt. Mitesh is very friendly. While driving he kept on monitoring and discussed about the mistakes which i was doing and also gave logical reasoning as to why i shouldn't be driving that way. The logical reasoning is quite helpful as it helps in remembering the rules.

He is a very cool guy who never shouts at the mistakes but explains them and makes sure that they are not repeated. I got confidence with his classes which i was lacking before. He was also very punctual and never wastes a minute of us.

I would definitely suggest him for anyone going for driving classes.

May 2016 | Dynamic Driving School Hounslow

From: Sylwia, Hounslow

Just want to thank you for your patience and possibilities of having lessons on different hours and days

I am so happy that i pass my test at first time - Thank you so much

Wish you all the best

Apr 2016 | Dynamic Driving School Hounslow

From: Meera, Heston

Thank you so much Mitesh! You were very helpful and very patient with me.

I appreciate all the help and support you have given me. Wouldn't have made it through without you. Very much highly recommend.

Feb 2016 | Dynamic Driving School Hounslow

From: Danielle, Brentford

I passed first time with Mitesh on 29/02/2016 - with only 8 hours of driving lessons! I've had previous driving instructors, however none of them offered the same amount of patience or reliability as Dynamic Driving.

I want to say a big thank you to Mitesh because without his encouragement I don't think would have passed first time!! I'm so happy. Driving gives you a sense of freedom and I finally have that - I'm so grateful!

Thanks again Mitesh! Anyone that wants to pass quickly yet efficiently, I would suggest calling Dynamic Driving!! :)

Oct 2015 | Dynamic Driving School Hounslow

From: Ruben, Ashford

Thanks again Mitesh

Anyone looking to take to lessons should get in touch as he will get you your licence. Great instructor and all round good guy.

Oct 2015 | Dynamic Driving School Hounslow

From: Whitney, Isleworth

Just want Say a huge thanks to Dynamic driving as they helped me to pass my practical, they are patient also very reliable and would recommend anyone to come here who wants to learn how to drive.

Thanks once again.

July 2015 | Dynamic Driving School Hounslow

From: Nana, Sunbury

Hello everybody,

I passed my practical driving test with Dynamic driving on the 29th of July 2015. After failing my test three times and nearly running out of time with my theory test, I had so much pressure on me to try my best and pass before the end of October.

My driving instructor Mitesh Mashru however motivated me and encouraged me to concentrate and shake out the nerves on my test day and we went over and over again practising and getting used to the local routes used by Ashford test centre. Luckily I made it and I'm very thankful for the encouragement and continued effort he put into helping me finally get my license.

Apr 2015 | Dynamic Driving School Hounslow

From: Maneka, Hounslow

Dear Dynamic Driving Team

I would just like to say a big thank you to my instructor Mitesh for his patience and for helping me to pass first time.

I was struggling with the manoeuvres and Mitesh helped me find some easy reference points to tackle them. He was very patient and gave me some good advice to tackle roundabouts without hesitation.

I would not hesitate to recommend Mitesh. He is helpful, patient, on time and attentive. I am so happy have passed!

All the best

Apr 2015 | Dynamic Driving School Hounslow

From: Annette, Hounslow

I was very happy with the entire experience I had with Dynamic Driving for a number of reasons. Firstly because I was able to get an instructor and book lessons under short notice (2 weeks) before my booked test. My previous instructor had left my geographical area and the driving school failed to get me another automatic driver. I'd had lessons for a while and needed an instructor to help me finish well; there were still many areas of my driving I needed to polish.

I was so glad and lucky to have found a good instructor (Mitesh) who already had a high success rate with his students. Mitesh seemed very observant of his students and tailored lessons according to my requirements. His teaching style and communication was very comprehensive; which is a highly important attribute to me, I felt that it made a huge difference to my learning. He was also very thorough in his teaching. I was taught a few driving techniques which simplified the manuovers that I had found challenging in the past.

As I work monday to friday and tend to arrive home around 6pm, it was so helpful that Dynamic has the same rate regardless of weekday or weekend, day or night. It was everything I needed at the right time. I have already recommended Dynamic and Mitesh to a family member. I have no doubt that they will also pass first time like I did. Dynamic is the place to go if you want quality lessons at a reasonable price

Mar 2015 | Dynamic Driving School Hounslow

From: Olga, Hounslow

I can fully recommend Mitesh as driving instructor. Always on time and very patient. He gave me lots of tips, which helped me on the exam

Book your lessons in advance, as he is very busy, which only means how good he is

Mar 2015 | Dynamic Driving School Hounslow

From: Jenny, London

I passed my driving test on 5/03/15 at the age of 76 years! Thanks to the excellent instruction and support I received. I am most grateful and most importantly feel very confident about becoming a driver - it is fantastic as it something I have wanted to do for years.

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